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A tiny tale of time

Destiny decided to challenge us

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Name:Neo Arkadia
Birthdate:Oct 29
Website:LeArk Reviews

This is a tiny tale of time concerning war between friends.
Destiny decided to challenge us,
and so we chose to end the world in order to meet our mortality.
There was nothing to regret.

Name: Neo Arkadia
Gender: Male

Likes: Intellectual Conversations, Music, Books, Comic Books, Writers, Cultures, Computers, Comedy, Drama, Macabre, Jime, and Misa.

Dislikes: Idiots, Bashers, Bad Writers, Seriously Terrible Cliches, Spammers, Physics Courses, Quagsires, The Pokemon Anime (On the grounds of principle), Mansions, and Naruto.

Owner of: gx_plotuary and the remains of

On the subject of my real name: I just don't like giving it out. It seems like a bad move on this thing we call the internet. Identity fraud, rapists, murderers, psychos and all. Just can't trust people these days, sadly enough.

Contacting Me: I am rarely on AIM or IRC. No Yahoo. Best to hunt me down on MSN IM. Or you could always drop a message in a LJ entry or at a forum you know you can contact me at.

Journal Status: Friends Only, you become my friend, I'll befriend you if I know you. Simple as that. Unless I really don't like you.

"There is no such thing as no such thing" - Greed

"All of you...Do you remember ME??? Those of you who were relieved that I left! Those of you who said that I got what I deserved! If you don't know, then I will tell you: listen well! I have been resurrected from the depths of hell, like a phoenix! My name is... ichi, jyuu, hyaku, sen! Manjoume! Thunder!!!" - Jun Manjoume
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