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Boukenger 23
Smile Precure 18
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 17
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Boukenger 20
Soul Eater Not 10
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 11

Boukenger 21
Smile Precure 17
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 12

Boukenger 22
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 13

Buddyfight 24
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure 11
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 14

Cardfight Vanguard 179
Mushishi 9
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 15

Kamen Rider Gaim 34
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 16
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Boukenger 17
Wixoss 10
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 6

Soul Eater Not 9
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders 10
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 7

Cardfight Vanguard 178
Mushi Shi 8
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 8

Boukenger 18
Smile Precure 15
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 9

Boukenger 19
Smile Precure 16
Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 10
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- Cardfight Vanguard 177
- Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 2
- Boukenger 13

- Kamen Rider Gaim 33
- Smile Precure 12
- Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 3

- Boukenger 14

- Boukenger 15
- Boukenger 16
- Smile Precure 13
- Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 4

- Toqger Episode 16
- Smile Precure 14
- Phi Brain Season 2 Episode 5
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Recently I watched...

- Bokuenger 12
- Wixoss 9
- Phi-Brain Season 1 Episode 24
- Phi-Brain Season 1 Episode 25

- Buddyfight Episode 23
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders 9
- Phi-Brain Season 2 Episode 1
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- Boukenger 11
- Phi-Brain 22
- Phi-Brain 23
- Arc-V Episode 7
- Arc-V Episode 8
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Today I watched:
- Boukenger Episode 10
- Phi-Brain Season 1 Episode 21
- Soul Eater Not Episode 8
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Future Card Buddyfight 20
Continues to be some of the most horribly awkward Toyetic shit I've seen in my life. Vanguard has problems, but that's mostly "writing incoherence". Buddyfight is more "Why are we having a recap episode for the 4 major worlds that have been shown" levels of bad.

Which this was. A recap for the monsters. With plot in between. And plot that was basically obvious.

Smile Precure Episode 7
The fight this episode didn't really inspire anything in me. (And I think I don't like Smile Precure's fighting. It's too much one shot lasers.) The whole bit with finding their secret base is pretty great though. The fights are pretty weak so far with this show, but the character writing's worth it.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode 7
The one with the Orangutan. This is a pretty weak fight and pretty creepy over all. For the most part it's honestly filler that doesn't really advance the plot, other than Dio and Enya's blathering to one another. Fun to watch, but it's not really advancing the plot like most of Phantom Blood or Battle Tendency had.

Go Go Sentai Boukenger Episode 5.
This one is comic gold. Pink Ranger has a kid protect a dangerous artifact. But can't get it from him when she's untransformed. Huehuehue.
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... I wonder if I'm unintentionally the victim of at-home emotional abuse.
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I notice something:

I feel utterly stressed and miserable at night. But come sunrise, I feel peace and serenity.
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Feels like the day doesn't have enough hours anymore.

... Mmm. Anyone know legitimate ways of working from home online?
neo_arkadia: (Default) A friend of mine, Mon, asked me to relink this. If you could relink to friends, it would be helpful.
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You know what do. Post here if you me to add you to my friends, kiddies.
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Or you could simply add me to your Friends list, and read it that way. <3

Otherwise, LEAVE!


::Turns into a Giant Robo Cat and Starts a Countdown::






::This Message Explodes in your face::

Thus making you:
A. Look Stupid
B. Want to Join my Friend's list~
C. Or Disappear Out of Time-SPACE!
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